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BLOX Audience+

Is your inflexible, one-size paywall actually costing you money?

Switch to the smarter metering solution that targets users with custom offers and converts casual visitors into paying subscribers.

BLOX Audience+: The paywall—evolved!

BLOX Audience+ Dynamic Paywall

Grow revenue. Drive engagement. Monetize your audiences.

  • More than just software, BLOX Audience+ is a powerful, turnkey solution that grows reader revenue for local media organizations.
  • Advanced smart meter technology—built into BLOX CMS—is driven by a powerful data management platform (DMP) and your own first-party data.
  • Audience+ is designed specifically to help local media organizations thrive in the subscription economy.
  • Fast implementation and seamless integration within BLOX CMS to maximize your ROI right out of the gate.
A smarter, more dynamic meter

Deliver the right offer, to the right user, at the right time.

  • Traditional paywalls and meters are blunt instruments that treat all visitors the same way. Audience+ is a dynamic paywall that's fully customizable to help you achieve your business goals.
  • Grow digital registrations.
  • Detect and respond to ad blockers.
  • Meter content by behavior, section, tag, and more.
  • Create flexible customer journeys.
  • Optimize subscription conversions.

What's new in BLOX Audience+

Powerful upgrades to maximize reader revenue and conversions.

One-page payment

Let reader subscribe without ever leaving your page.

  • Register and subscribe in one fast and easy step.
  • Sleek sign-up form requires minimal upfront information.
  • Optimized UI reduces abandoned transactions.

Offer builder

Market your custom offers and drive conversions.

  • Create offers targeting specific groups of users.
  • Customize your offers without knowing HTML/CSS.
  • Display up to five different, compelling offers.

Advanced paywall

Grow revenue with a cutting-edge meter that converts.

  • Designed using proven, data-backed best practices.
  • User interface is optimized for mobile devices.
  • Populate rates from BLOX CMS, a link to your circ system, or a custom script.

Effortless login

Make it easier than ever for visitors to sign in.

  • Log in and/or subscribe from the same panel.
  • Revamped "forgot password" workflow boosts retention.
  • Boost ad revenue via improved targeting of logged-in users.

Why Audience+

Created for local media organizations.

Innovative. Scalable. Affordable.

MaximizeDigital ad revenue

GrowSubscriptions / Memberships

TargetCustom Audiences

Capitalize OnYour first-party data

NurtureYour purchase funnel

GenerateYour own leads

DeployCutting-edge, integrated paywall technology

CreateTargeted offers and messages

MultiplyYour marketing efforts

Rely OnOur team of paywall experts

Let's talk!

Contact our sales team

Let us answer your questions and introduce you to BLOX Digital.

  • Learn how to boost revenue, audience engagement, and efficiency.
  • Explore use cases for your team.
  • Get pricing information.

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