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Data & Analytics

Unlock your data's hidden potential to ignite revenue and audience growth

Innovative analytics solutions that make it easy for media companies to aggregate, analyze, and act on their data.

Data & Analytics Solutions

Streamlined analytics for your entire organization

Media organizations don't lack information—on the contrary, you’re awash in data. But how do you understand what analytics actually matter to your business? BLOX Digital can help.

Simplify your analytics

With BLOX Digital, you don't have to be a data scientist to understand your mission-critical analytics. We separate the signal from the noise, empowering you to take decisive, data-backed action.

Understand the trends

Get a near real-time (NRT) snapshot of your organization's top performing content and track trends over time to understand how your strategic initiatives are impacting key performance indicators.

Get the big picture

Multi-property news organizations gain access to powerful cross-domain analytics and reporting, so everyone has the information and analysis they need to make smart decisions.

Why Blox Digital

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Data & Analytics

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