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Unlock the power of programmatic advertising with BLOX YieldUp

The turnkey digital advertising solution that delivers guaranteed rates, optimal sell-through, and ultra-fast payment.

BLOX YieldUp clients see up to 5% higher payouts, $10,000 increase in yearly revenue.*

Maximize Your Revenue Potential

Programmatic advertising is a powerhouse when it comes to generating revenue—assuming you have the expertise, technology, and time to take advantage of it. Enter BLOX YieldUp.

YieldUp guarantees your CPM rates, optimizes sell-through, and pays at an industry-best Net 30, making it easy to benefit from programmatic advertising without the hassle of managing it yourself.

On average, participants in BLOX YieldUp see 5% higher payouts than those on a traditional programmatic revenue share model — an increased yearly payout of $10,000!*

Guaranteed CPM rates

BLOX YieldUp eliminates the guesswork and serves up reliable programmatic ad revenue while shifting the risk of variable rates from your books to ours.

We provide you with your guaranteed, premium CPM rate 20 days before the first of each month. And our massive scale assures you're getting premium rates from the best Tier 1 Supply Side Platforms (SSPs).

Optimal sell-through

We purchase all of your non-excluded** programmatic and remnant ad impressions—no more unsold inventory! Then, our digital advertising experts manage your inventory to maximize your revenue potential.

Our skilled analysts and industry-leading technology enable us to maximize sell-through of your ad inventory. That means more demand for your ad spots, which translates into higher CPMs—and ultimately, greater overall revenue.

Ultra-fast payment

Tired of waiting months to get paid? We deliver the best payment terms and turnaround—Net 30—in the local media industry!

With BLOX YieldUp, you get more predictable cash flow while eliminating costly chargebacks and late payments.

* Average based on BLOX YieldUp customer data, November 2022.
** Non-excluded impressions are impressions that are not included in the revenue calculation. The following impression types will not be counted: ad blocked, invalid traffic, unfilled, and locally-sold impressions.

Why BLOX YieldUp

Your turnkey path to digital advertising success

Optimal sell-thru f your programmatic inventory.

Guaranteed, premium CPM rates.

Superior advertising expertise and technology.

Industry-best Net 30 payment terms.

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