One is a student newspaper site hosted on BLOX CMS, the other a student television station site hosted on the Rayos platform. Both turned to BLOX Digital to deliver a high quality, competitive experience for students and site visitors.

"We had outgrown our old website in terms of content, readership, security and support," said Walt Baranger, faculty advisor for Daily Titan. Billed as "the Independent Student Voice of Cal State Fullerton," the newspaper is printed weekly while the website and mobile app are updated daily. "Recently, our stories have gotten over 150,000 views; that's a lot when there's 47,000 people on campus."

Videos on

Students can now add videos directly to stories.

Daily Titan mobile app

With the funds freed up thanks to TownNews, was able to add a mobile app for iPhones and Android.

WVUA student article

Students at the University of Alabama work closely with professionals at the television station for